Monday, September 16, 2013

Italeri Jeep

I encountered this at a LHS once but didn't get it. Now it seems quite difficult to find this kit, especially here in Singapore. Part of Italeri's expanding 1/72 scale models (mostly ex-Esci), this kit is an all new moulding by Italeri. It comes 2 jeeps in a box and is targeted at the wargames market. Only 11 parts to a jeep and half of those are the wheels, this certainly a quick build model kit.
Overall, the kit builds to a decent representation of the jeep, and I dare say it looks more like a jeep than Academy's offering. It is somewhat chunky though, which would be perfect to withstand the rigours of wargaming.
Only the second model kit to offer the canvas top in a deployed fashion. The tires look to be on par with Airfix's offering (if not better). Unfortunately it does not come with any armament whatsoever. The quick build is a plus as some may find Airfix's offering a bit fiddly to build.

Here's an interesting video review on the Plastic Scale Modeller youtube channel.

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