Monday, September 16, 2013

Airfix / Heller Jeep

Not to be confused with it's older uglier smaller 1/76 sibling jeep in the Buffalo kit, the Airfix Willy's Jeep and Trailer is in fact 1/72 scale and is in fact adopted from Heller.
This little gem was quietly gaining it's supporters while the Academy Jeep was hogging the limelight. It might be due to Academy's kit having a greater distribution, though the same can't be said now as it's getting harder to find the Academy kit while the Airfix one has just been re-issued. The overall shape and dimensions look good. The wheels are almost correct (front and rear hubs should be of different lengths); tires (or should I say tyres?) are almost correct too, the thread is unfortunately not offset.
Here's a great comparison forum thread on the Airfix Tribute forum.
The big plus is the trailer and canvas top. Big minus is the bridging plate molded on the grille and the figures look to be too small even for 1/76.
It also comes with a pedestal mounted .30 cal which isn't too shabby.

This was definitely the best jeep kit in 1/72, I'm saying was because now there is a new contender out there - S-model's!

Here's a link to an awesome Airborne Jeep project by Stefan Landman.

Searching for this kit on Airfix's site now, I'm surprised that I can't find it anymore. The last known kit number is A01322. The kit falls through the cracks in category since most Airfix Military subjects are 1/76 scale.

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