Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dragons (wee) Jeep

Finally model manufacturing giant Dragon puts up a contender with their wee offering of the venerable jeep. We first had a whiff of this model in the form of a prebuilt version. Then came the one included with their sherman and LVT kit.
      So after further ado, they finally released a dedicated set to the jeep in the form of Armored 4x4 Truck, followed quickly by the SAS raider 4 x 4 Truck. The first set comes with 2 jeeps complete with photoetch parts for the extra Armour field conversion. It comes with a nicely detailed .50 cal on a pedestal mount and twin bazooka on the same mount.
The SAS flavor is the ETO version and only gives you one jeep plus the extra parts such as guns, fuel tanks, etc.
These are wonderfully detailed kits, nice one piece body simplifies assembly and looks really good. The tires and wheels are spot on. The biggest downside to this is that the overall size looks to be a wee bit smaller than 1/72 scale. Closer to 1/76 as it seems, though it's advertised and sold as 1/72.
A preview of the SAS jeep oob. 

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Ronald Brow said...

Thanks for pointing out this is a 1/76 scale jeep.
I want to build a ranger recon platoon of 10 jeeps in 20mm (1 72).
I am looking for the best kit and I think it is the s models one.
I love dragon and I am glad I saw this. I m a scale junky and if I noticed that the jeep was slightly smaller it would drove me nuts.