Monday, September 16, 2013

Hasegawa Jeep

The grand daddy of 1/72 scale Jeeps. It's getting hard to find it on the LHS shelves these days.
As you can see from the photo, it does look like a jeep. The obvious shortcomings are the lacklustre windscreen, wheel and tires. I had previously thought that this had the wrong number of slats for the front grille. This was based on the assumption that the academy grille was the same as this one, but it turns out that hasegawa's jeep does indeed have the correct number of slats on the grille.

The big plus for this kit is the inclusion of trailer, 37mm gun and hard plastic figures. More photos of the kit when you click more.
I've done an out of the box build of my Hasegawa jeep to show what you would get.
 Hmm, where's the spare wheel I wonder. I have to check this.

 The windshield doesn't fold down all the way.
There's no axle for the wheels?

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