Monday, September 16, 2013

Academy Jeep

I was in modelling hibernation when this came out. By the time I wanted to start my braille SAS jeep, this was touted as the best jeep available even though the better Airfix/Heller jeep as also available at the time.

What's good about this jeep? Looking at the photos, this really reminded me of the Hasegawa jeep. Upon comparison, the parts were very similar, though Academy had moulded on some additional interior details, most notably the engine. Apart from that, the overall dimensions and shape are the same.
The big plus are the Kubel, Kettenkrad and stores that come with the kit. Wheels, tires and front grille share Hasegawa's shortcomings. Comes with a .50 cal on the pedestal mount, but it looks very toy like indeed.

Here's my SAS desert jeep conversion. You check out the build article here on Armorama.

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