Friday, December 20, 2013

New Airfix Jeep - Willys British Airborne Jeep

Edit: April 2015
This "new" airfix jeep item is called Willys British Airborne Jeep and is in 1/72 scale. It came out mid 2014. I've added photos of my unpainted out of the box build for those interested in how this kit looks like. (see above and "more" section)

Hot off the press, Airfix announced in their 2014 release a new jeep! This is all new tooling. From the looks of the sprue shots, it comes with .30 and 50 cal mg on the pedestal mount. No bridging plate on the front grille. A 75 mm cannon, trailer and what looks to be 2 types of bonnet, one normal one with ammo mounting rails. Will post more info.

Edit: jan 6 2014
Here's a news item for the jeep on Armorama:New Airifx Jeep

Edit: feb 23 2014
Here's a link to the product page on Airfix's website:

Edit: June 6 2014
Here's a link to sprue shots:

And an build article on Airfix model world magazine:

 It comes with the pack 75 howitzer, trailer and airdrop pallete.
 Extra parts that I did not use in my build.

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