Monday, May 7, 2007

The contenders

Welcome to my braille scale jeep blog. Over the next few weeks (years now), I will try to post a detailed comparative review of the following 1/72 scale jeep models:

1.) The Cararama Jeep - a diecast jeep, cheap, pre-assembled and surprisingly accurate! The biggest downfall is the front grille slats which are represented via decal as opposed to being moulded. Cararama does a larger scale jeep too.

2.) The Academy Jeep - widely regarded as the best currently (at the time of this post) available, does it deserve this reputation?


3.) The Airfix Jeep - not to be confused with the old 1/76 scale stuff, this I believe is an ex-Heller kit, comes with a trailer and looks promising indeed.

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